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Recitations from the Holy Quran

The following are some selected verses from the Holy Quran.  The recitation of these verses include a written translation1 of their meaning (need RealPlayer):

n  Verses on Jesus (peace be upon him):

      Chapter 5, verses 116-120 Audio Clip and Text (time 2m:28s)

n  Verses on the People of the Book (Christians and Jews):

      Chapter 5, verses 15-19 Audio Clip and Text (time 3m:45s)

      Chapter 5, verses 72-76 Audio Clip and Text (time 2m:15s)

n  Verses on Belief in God and on the Hereafter:

      Chapter 82, all verses (1-19) Audio Clip and Text (time 2m:21s)

      Chapter 89, verses 21-30 Audio Clip and Text (time 1m:20s)

      Chapter 6, verses 19-32 Audio Clip and Text (time 6m:02s)

For more recitations from the Holy Quran, please visit:

Recitations from the Holy Quran from islam.org (features written translation)

Recitations from the Holy Quran from islamway.com (features audio translation and different reciters)



(1) The translation is mainly from the translation of Dr. William (Daoud) Peachy and Dr. Maneh Al-Johani. Back from footnote (1)

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