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To Order a Printed Copy of the Book

We are very sorry to inform you that the book entitled A Brief Illustrated Guide To Understanding Islam, is currently out of stock.  It is estimated that the book will be again in stock in July 2010.  Alternatively, you may obtain a free sample copy (see further below).  Free sample copies are still in stock.

Required Quantity Book Price
(per copy)
   1 - 9 copies $2.50
   10 - 99 copies $2.25
   100 - 299 copies $2.00
   300 - 599 copies $1.80
   600 - 999 copies $1.40
   1000 - 1499 copies $1.20
   1500 copies or more $1.10

Note that the currency used here is US Dollars and that books are shipped to your street or postal address.

Book Specifications and Features:

n  Contains the articles and images in this web site (with a slight difference), but does not contain the articles and links under the page “For More Information on Islam.”  You may view the contents and the cover image of the book at the Home Page of this site.  Also you may view sample pages of the book in PDF format at
this link.

n  Contains 43 illustrations (39 of them in color) - Consist of 76 colorful pages on glossy, coated, 115 gm paper - Laminated cover or with a UV - High quality printing - Size 8.5 inch x 5.7 inch - Paperback.

To Request a Free Sample Copy:

To request a free copy as a sample, click here.  But please note that delivery of the free sample copy is slow, since it takes about three months.  Also note that you can request only one copy as a free sample.

If you have any question in regard to ordering the book, e-mail support@islam-guide.com.


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